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2016 Legislative session

The 2016 Idaho State Legislature’s session has concluded. During this session we addressed over 580 pieces of legislation. This year’s session addressed a variety of issues, but the focus was once more on education and setting the budget. The economy has shown good growth, so there was money to restore more of the cuts that [...]

Another Legislative Session 2016

The 2016 Legislative session has begun with a rush. As chairman of the Senate Education committee I was presented with a pile of education bills just days after my arrival. This session promises to be busy and I hope productive. Just a quick note that if you have some issues, feel free to contact me [...]

2015 Legislative Summary

The 2015 Idaho State Legislature’s session has concluded. During this session we addressed over 590 pieces of legislation in an 89 day long legislative session which is a little longer than the previous several years. This year’s session addressed two major issues; education and transportation, while juggling the time and resources of the taxpayers of [...]

2015 Legislature Begins

The 2015 Idaho Legislative Session is in full swing again. Governor Otter’s “State of the State” address was earlier this week, highlighting the topics of education, the economy and transportation. On a personal note, I am serving on the Finance Committee as well as the Education Committee of which I am Chairman. The Governor proposes [...]

2014 End of Session

The 2014 Idaho State Legislature’s session has concluded. During this session we addressed over 550 pieces of legislation in a 80 day long legislative session which is much shorter than the previous several years. This year’s short session enabled the legislature to save time and resources for the taxpayers of Idaho, who continue to struggle [...]

The 2014 Legislature Begins

The 2014 Idaho legislative session began this week. We listened to the governor present the “State of the State’. It seems that things are going to start very fast. The target date set by leadership for the completion of the session is March 21st. It may happen if this week is representative. I am still [...]

Legislature 2013 Begins

The 63rd session of the Idaho State Legislature has begun in full stride with an enthusiastic speech from Governor Otter. I too am cautiously optimistic about this year as there is much to accomplish in the next few months which gives the Legislature many opportunities to improve upon the lives of Idaho residents. The most [...]

2012 Legislative Session

The 2012 Legislative Session has recently ended and what a session it has been! It wasn’t the normal budget issues that dominated the discussion. It was a session filled with personal feelings, from ethics to hunting and everything in between. Budget: The Legislature’s first and foremost priority is fulfilling its constitutional duty of balancing the [...]

The 2011 Legislative Session

  The 61st session of the Idaho Legislature has finally come to a close. It went a week longer than many of us thought and proved to be a difficult session.  I would like to share what was accomplished. It was a session filled with challenging decisions based mainly around the constitutional duty to balance [...]

It’s About That Time

It has been a very interesting election season.  Needless, to say I appreciate the opportunity of representing the good citizens of Legislative District 32 for another two years.  It is always challenging and educational.  I look forward to serving. There was a North Idaho Legislator Tour the first weekend in November and then the organization [...]