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End of Year Letter

March 30, 2010 The 2010 legislative session has come to a close; I would like to take this opportunity to share some of what the Idaho legislature has accomplished this year. To start with, State revenues have continued their unprecedented decline over the past year which had a major effect on the General Fund and [...]

For Your Information:

Today is the 61st day in the 2010 Idaho State Legislature. The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee finished setting budgets this week. With the end in sight for the session it is satisfying to know that we, as a legislature, did our constitutionally obligated duty to balance the budget. All of the appropriations that have [...]

For My Constituency:

The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC) met this morning and voted on FY 2010 and FY 2011′s budget proposals. JFAC agreed to set FY 2010 at $2.28 billion and FY 2011 at $2.29 billion. These numbers are the exact same numbers that were proposed by the Joint Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee but [...]

2010 Session Underway!

Greetings from Boise! I am writing because I would like to keep in contact with you during the legislative session. We are faced with issues and decisions that can only be enhanced by your involvement. Renovations on the Capital building are finished! Since the dedication on Saturday, January 9th, the building has been open to [...]

Another Session Begins

It is officially 2010 and the legislative work has been going on for some time. It started with the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee updates in September, then meetings with constituents and organizations that wanted to bring us up to date with issues of concern. October, November and the first of December were filled with dinners [...]

The 2009 Legislative Session Finally Ends

Dear Friends and Neighbors: This has been a tough session.  It was long and arduous. We have worked very diligently to make necessary budget cuts and yet maintain programs and services that are necessary for state government.  We had to look at filling the budget’s shortfalls in the current fiscal year 2009, provide budget projections [...]

The Session Continues

The last few weeks at the State Legislature have been a lot of work and I seem to learn new things daily. The work in the committees at times feels endless but Joint Appropriations and Finance Committee (JFAC) is just wrapping up hearing reports from all the state departments and we are listening to discussion [...]

Session Underway

The 2009 Legislative session is well underway and I have officially begun my work as your state senator.  I was pleased to have been assigned to the Joint Appropriations and Finance Committee (JFAC), the Education Committee, and Judiciary and Rules Committee. These committees are a lot of work, but also a huge learning opportunity for [...]

Officially a Senator

On December 1st an organizational week of the 60th Idaho Legislative session was held.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were training days for the new legislators.  Being a new senator, I attended.  It was great training, even though I went as a new representative.  It was great reinforcement and definitely worth it.  Wednesday night was the organization dinner [...]

The Summer Has Been Busy.

This summer has been very active politically.  There have been meetings all summer long.  It started with legislative reports to the constituents, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Realtors, Builders, School Boards, and Bonneville County Republicans to just name a few.  I attended numerous meetings on transporation issues both in Boise and Eastern Idaho.  Statewide forums just [...]