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The Summer Has Been Busy.

This summer has been very active politically.  There have been meetings all summer long.  It started with legislative reports to the constituents, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Realtors, Builders, School Boards, and Bonneville County Republicans to just name a few. 

I attended numerous meetings on transporation issues both in Boise and Eastern Idaho.  Statewide forums just finished crossing the state the last week of August.  This issue is something that really needs addressing and will require a major effort this coming legislative session.  The performance evaluation for the state department was crafted and the evaluator chosen during the summer.  I participated in the review and draft process.   This evaluation is a big step forward to getting efficiencies and needs addressed.

The election year has also made it a busy summer.  It was nice to get past the primaries,  there were many good candidates and I worked to support many of them.  We now look forward to the general elections and the work of encouraging and supporting good Republican candidates.  The next fifty plus days will prove to be demanding and challenging for Republicans locally, in the state and nationally.  We need to all step forward and support and encourage citizens to evaluate the issues and candidates closely. 

 I attended the State Republican convention in Sandpoint, Idaho,  The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry Convention in Donnelly, Idaho and briefly visited, a Idaho Association of Cities meeting,  a Rocky Mountain Power meetings, and gave a legislative update to the Assocation of City Owned Utilties.  Locally, it seems that there have been meetings with consitituents, committees and organizations several times every week.  Needless to say, it has been a busy one.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to share, to listen and to learn.  I feel that the busy summer of exchanging ideas will make my preparation for the upcoming legislative session better. 

I really appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of Legislative District 32,  I am learning more each day and look forward to serving each of you in the Senate.