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Officially a Senator

On December 1st an organizational week of the 60th Idaho Legislative session was held.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were training days for the new legislators.  Being a new senator, I attended.  It was great training, even though I went as a new representative.  It was great reinforcement and definitely worth it.  Wednesday night was the organization dinner where leadership is elected.  The Senate leadership stayed the same.  This may have to occur again however if one of the senate members is choosen for the vacancy in the Lt. Governor position.  Thursday, was the official swearing in and committee selection.  In the Senate this is done by senority for the first two committee selections.  After a long morning and afternoon, the selection process was complete and the Senate reconvened and made the committees official.  My committees are:  Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, Education Committee and Judiciary and Rules Committee.  These are great committees and I feel very fortunate to have them as a freshman senator.  They will be a lot of work, and that is something I try to do.