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For Your Information:

Today is the 61st day in the 2010 Idaho State Legislature. The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee finished setting budgets this week. With the end in sight for the session it is satisfying to know that we, as a legislature, did our constitutionally obligated duty to balance the budget. All of the appropriations that have been made have been scrutinized, examined, and reviewed carefully. The current economic times have forced the State to carefully examine where the moneys are headed and who is receiving them. I look forward to a brighter future and strongly believe that the State of Idaho will come out of these tough economic times stronger than before.

I also wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that I have filed for re-election. I am proud and honored to serve the people of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County. Times are difficult now in Idaho, but I believe that during my time in the legislature I have consistently fought to make sure the concerns of my constituents, as well as all the people of Idaho, are heard. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard to balance our budget, fight for education, and ensure public safety. I am proud to serve the good people of Idaho and look forward to the possibility of two more years of service.

For questions, concerns, or comments email me at I also urge anyone that is interested in legislation to log on to It is a great tool to connect with what is happening in this session.