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The 2014 Legislature Begins

The 2014 Idaho legislative session began this week. We listened to the governor present the “State of the State’. It seems that things are going to start very fast. The target date set by leadership for the completion of the session is March 21st. It may happen if this week is representative. I am still serving on three committees. The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, Education Committee and Judiciary and Rules Committee. All three will take a major role in issues being presented to this year’s legislature. Education was the focus of the state of the state because of the governor’s task force and the possibility of restoring some of the education budget. There have been two interim committees on judicial issues which will also bring some reform and legislation. Water will also take a front row seat with discussions about aquifer recharge and funds for major water projects.
Please feel free to email me at to give me your input or ask questions. You can get on the legislative website at and watch and listen to all of the committees and the Senate and House when it is in session.

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