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I am for limiting taxes. There is a limited amount of money; the more the government uses, either federal, state, or local, the less there is for savings, investment and improving your own personal standard of living. Taxes should only be used for the minimum services approved by the people.

Home and Family

Families are the center of our way of life. The family unit which is the legal union of a man and woman, should be protected for the preservation of our civilization, our country and our way of life. It is through maintaining a strong family that we promote good citizenship and strong moral values.


Getting a good education is paramount to developing an individual and society. The individual and the family bare the primary responsibility for an education. The burden of determining education should be determined on the local level. Each individual and family should have the right and responsibility to determine where and how they get a good education. Along with this responsibility comes the burden of expense either through expense or taxation. All children should have the right to a good basic education.

Water and Other Natural Resources

Water needs to be protected and controlled in the state for the use, enjoyment and benefit of its citizens. This is a state right and should not be abused by any other state or the federal government. Other natural resources should also be protected.

Limited Government

I am in favor of self government being performed at the closest level to the people. The local government, first, the state second and the federal government last. Government should only be used to do what people cannot or should not do themselves.


I believe that the research and work being done by the INL is critical to the future of the country. It is important that our nation achieve energy independence and the mission of the INL which includes nuclear energy, national security, safety and the science/technology is vital to that effort.

Property Rights

Each individual in our free country have the right to own property. This right should be protected and maintained to preserve our way of life. Government should not have the right to private property without due process of law.

Free Enterprise System

The ability to create and work at a business enterprise is the foundation of a good economy. Making this a reality with limited paperwork is a constant challenge. Everyone should have the opportunity if truly desired to work towards a goal of business ownership.

Health Care

Americans enjoy some of the best health care and benefits that they have ever known. There are however, problems with escalating costs beyond a persons ability to pay. I will work to make health care more affordable, efficient and effective. More people need to be covered under medical plans.


In response to the high cost of energy and foreign dependence, I support and encourage the use and development of good clean energy sources. We need to be energy independent as a nation and state. These resources need to be available to the individual and businesses to promote good, even and sustained growth.


The environment is the place in which we live, work, and grow. There needs to be a delicate balance between all of the uses of our environment. I believe that with cooperation we can continue to promote health, production and recreational interests.

Legal Reform

Our legal system is designed to protect the constitutional rights of its citizens. I would promote changes to provide a fairer and more balance legal system that is available to every citizen.


I am committed to review all legislation with an effort to reduce paperwork and ensure that the proposed regulations are based on sound, peer-reviewed science and cost-benefit analyses. I oppose unfunded mandates from any higher governmental body.


As your representative I will support legislation that will manage meaningful technology security but will not hinder investment and growth within this growth industry.


Our state needs to take the lead in immigration reform that enhances our national security but considers current and future labor shortages through temporary worker programs. These programs must address health, welfare and legal reforms for these individuals.

Sanctity of Life

The unborn life of a child should be protected unless the life of the mother is in danger or in cases of abuse. I encourage all persons to address this issue prior to conception not after. I am a strong supporter of adoption into good strong family units.